The Best Shark Tank Products to Beat the Summer Heat

Are you searching for fun outdoor activities to stay cool this summer? Look no further. The solution to your summertime boredom is none other than Pick-up Pools; the first portable pool to ever enter the Shark Tank. Just insert the liner into your truck bed and voila - you have a pool to enjoy!

You can complement your truck bed pool with other Shark Tank products that are equally perfect for summertime:

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Sit back, relax, and enjoy laying in the shade in one of these beautifully crafted hammocks. They are handwoven, and come in all colors imaginable… you can even customize your own!

First Saturday Lime Insect Repellent 

If you are tired of pesky mosquitoes getting in the way of your outdoor activities, you are in need of this eco-friendly insect repellent that is super effective and easy. If Kevin O’Leary took a chance on First Saturday Lime, why wouldn’t you? 

Bad Birdie Golf Shirts

Rock one of these colorful polos to spice up your summer golf game. There are so many memorable patterns to choose from and you are bound to stand out with one of these - in a good way. Ranging from floral jungle prints to multicolor aztec patterns, there is a Bad Birdie Golf Shirt for everyone.

Frozen Farmer Ice Cream

Top off a hot summer day with the best-frozen treat. The seemingly endless assortment of flavors allows you to whip up any treat imaginable. Smoothies, banana splits, root beer floats, and milkshakes are only fragments in the range of possibilities. This creamy homemade ice cream will help you stay cool and satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Tailgate n Go Outdoor Kitchen

Grab a portable outdoor kitchen that is perfect for any party, adventure, or hangout! Combine Tailgate n Go with a Pick-up Pool to create the ultimate outdoor summer experience. This combo will keep you cool and well-fed!

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