The Best Truck Bed Pool

Pick-up Pools transform your truck into a swimming pool with the simple setup of a truck bed liner. The pools come in a variety of sizes - short-bed, standard, and long-bed - so they are sure to fit your pickup. Unlike any other truck bed pool, Pick-up Pools are American made and delicately fabricated to ensure the best quality and, of course, no leaking!

Next time you plan a camping trip, be sure to bring along your Pick-up Pool so that you have a unique spot to sit back and relax while enjoying the great outdoors. The versatility of Pick-up Pools has no end. Take it with you wherever you go!

Grab a Pick-up Pool for your truck and you will be the instant talk of any tailgate. Make the switch from water to ice to create a large-scale outdoor cooler. Whether your truck bed becomes a swimming pool or a massive cooler, Pick-up Pools are a must-have for any tailgate event. 

While Pick-up Pools’ portable nature and easy assembly process make it great to use on-the-go, it can also transform your own driveway into a fun-filled oasis. Don’t waste your time trying to lay down a regular tarp in your truck bed. Tommy Prestella already tried that, and it didn’t work out well, so he created Pick-up Pools. It couldn’t be simpler to set-up, so jump in the pool and enjoy!

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